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COMING SOON FOR SPRING 2015 - When it comes to customizing your motorcycle, handlebars are among the most common components that owners change. At Fillmore Welding in Fillmore, CA, our bongo bars have become locally, and sometimes even nationally, famous for their excellent design and complete customization. More commonly known as motorcycle ape bars, we provide custom welding jobs on all new and used motorcycles of all makes and models.

Every motorcycle owner has his or her preference when it comes to motorcycle bars, and many riders even have the bars changed before accepting a new bike delivery from the dealer. We work with private owners, collectors, and dealers to furnish bikes with our custom bongo bars, offering the rider superior handling, style, and comfort. We guarantee that our bongo bars are exactly what you have been looking for.

If you enjoy riding in Santa Clarita, Fillmore, or Ventura County, then you know that local road conditions are ideal for custom bikes. Our bongo bars are great when calmly cruising along the coast, or weaving through mountain roads in California’s famous Redwood Forest. We make all types of custom handlebars, so if bongo bars are not your style, ask about our wide variety of styles, or simply design your own, and let our team get to work straight away!

The design of our bongo bars rises high above the mount; giving you that elevated posture that is ideal for a wonderful riding experience and that looks visually appealing. The great thing about custom bong bars is that we make them as high as you like, for an entirely customized riding experience. To learn more about our general welding services as well as our custom motorcycle parts and accessories, please call Fillmore Welding of Santa Clarita, Fillmore, and Ventura County today.

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